Srikem Laboratories Pvt. Limited

Future Plans

World-over, in all industries, tremendous changes are taking place due to newer technologies emerging. The pharma sector will be no exception to this trend

We, at Srikem Laboratories Pvt. Ltd, are gearing up to face the challenges for the future. We plan to foray into Anti-Fungal & Anti-bacterial sectors. We also have the facilities and the capacities to manufacture products and provide services on custom/toll manufacturing basis. We believe there is great scope in this sector for exploitation. Besides we have recently expanded our production capacity to meet the growing market needs for our products.

We are working towards approval of our facilities by International Regulatory agencies and accordingly we have upgraded our Plant and Machinery, Systems, Processes and Procedures to meet ICH Q7 Guidelines.

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#311, Bldg No. 6, Jogani Industrial Estate

Chunabhatti, Mumbai - 400 022, India.

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